Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We arrived in darwin at about 1:00 on Monday (we just skipped sunday all together) and came to the hostel that we are staying in. we were assigned our roomates: Alyssa, Jen, and Paulette.

We then went out by the pool at the hostel and ordered a bottle of wine! We ordered wine because for one beer it is five dollars, rather than 16 for a bottle of wine. ya'll would be surprised how much money everything costs here! for a 24 pack of corona, it is 57 australian dollars!!!! (which is a little over 50 american dollars!) outrageous.

we then went to dinner with a big group at a place called monsoons and had a 14 dollar wrap. it was realllly good! and they gave us free 'chips' (french fries) for the table with a side of 'tomato sauce' (ketchup). then we went on a walk and met some homeless aboriginal people and made conversation for awhile! haha. that lasted about an hour and by that time we were dying from the jet lag and went to sleep pretty early.

Tuesday we woke up and went downstairs to get our phone and internet set up. then we went to the grocery store and bought food, so we could make it instead of going out every meal and spending so much money. then we showered and went to orientation. UNSW then held a welcome reception for us at a bar called Lizard somethingorother. they gave us appetizers, which ended up being very good. we sat there for awhile with a bunch of people and kept getting pitchers of beer. we then went to a few bars around on Mitchell Street. We went to this bar and celebrated TOT... which will be a story for another time...

Today is Wednesday and we laid out by the pool for a few hours and then got ready and went to class. class was from 1-5. it seems like it will be very interesting. we are going to be doing a lotttt of field trips, including 2 theme parks, seeing penguins run out from the water, going to a wine tasting where we will be able to pet kualas AND kangaroos! i will update you all more on those things once they happen. but tomorrow we are headed off to Kakadu national park and it is supposed to be one of the best things from the whole experience! i will be eating some crocodile and kangaroo! wahoo!

thats all for now. pace.


  1. Ry Ry! Im so glad your blogging! Australia sounds AMAZING!!! can we come visit??? Do you love yet??? i cant believe your going to eat crocodile and kangaroo. that should be interesting. we all miss you and wannaskype! have fun!!!! love you!

  2. ahhhhh this is awesome!!! you sound like your having amanzing fun. i cant wait to hear more about it asap.

    lovee you bestiee!!