Sunday, June 27, 2010


For the past few days, the Recreation and Tourism Management group has been in Melbourne, Victoria. They compare this city to San Francisco, California. We have been around town going to the markets, different shops and cafes, going to bars, and the largest casino in the southern hemisphere, Crown. We wont talk a lot about the gambling because I am a little bitter about the whole deal....
Aaannyways, we went to a place called Phillip Island, which was about a 2 hour drive from our hostel. On the way we stopped to feed kangaroos!!! We also stopped at a chocolate factory on the island and took a tour of how the chocolate was made! We went to watch the Penguin Parade there (we weren't allowed to take pictures because it would scare the 2.2 pound penguins :( ). We watched the penguins come in from a few days at sea, and hobble to their little niches.
We are headed off to Sydney tomorrow where we will meet back up with the other groups!!
I will put some more pictures up soon, but I am too lazy to download them to my computer right now :) I miss everyone!!!

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